… Injustice For All!

Today I decided to plug in Injustice 2 as I had not played it for a while and I knew some new characters had turned up, I was both pleasantly surprised and mystified.

First, we have the addition of Black Manta. I love Black Manta and am stoked they included him even though I totally sucked at playing him.

Next we had our usual addition of a Mortal Kombat character which in this case was Raiden.

I dig Raiden in MK but what I liked even more was that you could skin him to look like DC’s Black Lightning!

Honestly I think BL and personally I wish they had used him in the ‘new’ Justice League instead of the Teen Titans’ Cyborg. I love in the game that even though BL is a skin of Raiden, his finished move is basically the same but any MK identifiers have been replaced with BL’s which looks awesome.

Lastly, and weirdly, Hellboy has been added to the cast.

Now I’m a fan of Hellboy but this seem to be a weak attempt at getting a few new players. He’s not very good either!

Anyway, that was my quick foray into Injustice 2, back to Star Wars!


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