Finally, Some Battlefront 2

So it’s FiNALLY loaded and I’ve managed to get a go of Battlefront 2, and whilst I think the game play is very much the same, it looks amazing!

The environments are all from various Star Wars films and you get to play all sorts of troopers and specialists, and it’s fun, but as much as I am a first person shooterist, I much prefer the spaceship battles.

Now yes I am enjoying the game, but it’s more to do with the fact that I am getting to play in my beloved Star Wars universe, so as expected I returned to WW2 pretty quickly, and finally prestiged!

So I met the General and was given all my Prestige 1 rewards:a permanent unlock token, all my unlocks disappear, but I get to keep my stats, a prestige calling card and I have a few extra bits available to me that I haven’t opened up yet. Of course I immediately went straight back and quickly got back up to level 2.


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