Rest and Relaxation in CoD: WW2

So I’m waiting for Star Wars Battlefront 2 to load and typically, the update offered a 64 minute timeframe which after 30 minutes of updating has extended out to 98 minutes: not sure if I’m gonna get a game before work, and thought I’d just share a little funny thing I found whilst wandering around my very lonely, unpopulated HQ.

Just near the gunsmith, where you can prestige weapons, is a canopy with a chess board and a record player underneath it which is labelled ‘R and R’, which is short for Reat and Relaxation. If you go into the canopy, you will be welcomed with a screen with a list of classic… that is, old… Activision games that can be played.

These games seem to all be Atari games, and if you are an OMG (Old Man Gamer) like me, you’ll appreciate the nostalgia, though I forgot how hard the damned helicopter game Chopper Command was! Funny, for a totally realistic experience these games are in black and white so it feels like it’s being played on the crapped old b/w TV some of us were forced to game on as kids.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to report back on the new Star Wars soon, but as of me finishing this piece, it’s extended out by another 20 minutes…. ARGH!


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