PlayStation 4 Pro: Star Wars Battlefront II

Today I slip into the amazing world of PlayStation 4 Pro. I discovered my local gaming store trades in old iPhones and iPads so I took a bunch in a managed to wrangle a PS4 Pro, 1TB Star Wars Battlefront 2 edition, so I will have a brief adventure in the Star Wars universe before returning to WW2.

On a side note, IGN’s Alanah Pearce tweeted this today:

Now there is an entire story regarding Kallie Plagge and sexual harassment which I don’t know enough about to comment on here (I’m still reading up on it) but I imagine after being a victim at work, it must be somewhat comforting that you’re workmates/ friends are prepared to stand beside you when they see a wrong that needs righted. Bravo to Ms. Pearce and her fellow supporters of Ms. Plagge.


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