The WW2 Update

So it’s been a day since the BIG update on Call of Duty, and whilst I can see the improvements on the guns, some of the ‘administration’ issues still exist, specifically the HQ still is a solo thing.

Lao getting kicked from games for no reason seems to be a thing that didn’t exist previously but does now is a thing too. Even to the point, last night I was playing with a mate and he was kicked from a lobby even though we were in a party. Another issue he was having was that he wouldn’t get any results at the end of a match, the game just went straight back to the lobby screen, like the one pictured above.

Thankfully, I grabbed the game Pokken for my Switch, so I’ve been punching that in the face for a day or two whilst waiting for a turn on CoD, or when I get frustrated by the poor form of getting regularly kicked from a lobby.


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