Finally Improving My K/D

I FINALLY figured out what I was doing wrong in WW2! I was still treating the game a little like Advanced Warfare or Black Ops 3 or Infinite Warfare and was being a little too gung-ho, so I have recalled how I used to play Ghosts and am playing it a little sneakier and a little dirtier (that comment may contain traces of camping). 

Before today my K/D was sitting on about 0.8 but as of now…

… I’m sitting on a solid 0.95!

(By the way, I LOVE that Hussar armoured outfit)

Also this morning I double prestiged a weapon, prestiged another and prestiged my ‘armoured’ Division!

I’m loving this game for another reason too: it’s actually making me go back and read stuff about WW2… I didn’t know what Pointe Du Hoc was u til a big read on wiki about it. I think I need to grab a book or two about the War!


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