Day 3: Problems?

I have resisted so far in complaining about problems I see in the PS4 version of World War 2, hoping that they would be fixed, but here we are on Sunday morning, the third day of release, and there are a few issues.

* The lobby in between games takes so long that sometimes I can’t even change up my weapons in time or do any sort of modification. I thought this might have just been me, but havediscovered a friend in Melbourne is having the same problem!

* I also can’t quit a lobby! I have to exit the whole game as the ‘leave lobby’ button doesn’t even work. It’s super frustrating when I want to open supply drops or use some of the social bits of the game.

* I find the lobby balance to be well out. I am finding that the victories are always catastrophically huge and about 1/3 into any game, the chance of winning to be racing away. 

* The drop out rate of games seems to be quite high too. I though this may have been my wifi so I hard wired my PlayStation 4 but that hasn’t changed anything!

* Load Times are sooooooo long too, to the point on several occasions I’ve had to “quit application” to get to the next part of the game because it has just hung on the load screen.

* The last one, and this is a weirdie: my Emblem I created in the Emblem maker is reversed in the lobby!!

I’m sure these problems will be worked out but like every gamer I am frustrated by the day 1 and 2 and 3 updates!

Meanwhile I have double prestiged my LMG, The ‘Lewis’ and now have a Kill counter on it, which you can’t see very well in this picture, but I’ve circled where it is.

Also, one of my good mates bought me the Call of Duty World War II guidebook for my birthday, so maybe I’ll be able to improve my lack of skills with a bit of education that I might receive from reading this book! 

Probably not, but let’s hope so!


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