Day 1: Loving It, Though I Am REALLY Bad At It

So, Day 1 of the new Call of Duty and I have to say I’m loving it so far!

Unfortunately I also suck at it a bit, but I’m doing some ‘basic training’  in the local lobby to get a feel for the tactics of some of the weapons. Basically I am playing some TDM with me and a fellow bot against 6 bots of varying skill… like a real lobby but I have less people on my side. I get all the Kills and feel like the real hero that way.

Now so far, other than playing with bots, I have only played online multiplayer, which is amazing and frustrating and truly has some of the most wonderful online environments I think I have ever seen. Like I said I am sucking at it a little but getting used to it more and more.

There’s a few changes I’ve noticed that CoD have changed to a little this time around to, I guess, keep up with the times. The first is the online multiplayer game: when you first get a look at the barracks which is like the barracks in a REAL world war 2 scenario, you’ll be reminded of the HQ in Destiny. There’s an opportunity to test score streaks, guns, collect mail and generally look around at the ‘world’ of WW2!

The other thing immediately noticeable is that the post game killcam isn’t of the final kill, but instead of an act of skill or bravery performed by a player… like in Overwatch! Now I don’t remember if these sorts of things were previously in CoD but I do think they are a welcome addition. That way someone who gets the final kill but has done nothing for the rest of the game doesn’t get kudos for being s one shot Wonder!

I couple of things I have found that have helped me with the online gaming… and some of this is obvious but I thought I’d say it anyway:

A lot of the heavy weapons work marvellously from a hip fire aspect!

Sniper rifles absolutely kick arse, especially in capable hands.

Tap fire every gun rather than go full auto, the fire spread is occasionally huge.

Anyway, the enrinoments are all lunch and so realistic and even though I suck, I dig it totally!

Nazi Zombies is also a bucket of fun too, with some surprising actors playing the heroes of the piece. More on that tomorrow when I talk about voice actors, but in Zombies we have a Viking , a Doctor, a ninja and a man who doesn’t look like a bitch!

I have to add that I have been playing with the Astro A50s and they have such an amazing scope of sound. 

Oh well, I’m going back to the beachhead!


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