Far Cry 5… Can’t Wait!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a go of Far Cry 5 For about 5 minutes, and in the 5 minutes I fell in love with it. I really loved Far Cry 3, and dug Far Cry Blood Dragon too, but I didn’t enjoy Far Cry 4 and didn’t even attempt Far Cry Primal,  it this looked amazing and from what I could tell for the short period of play, was fun too.

As soon as I got back from where I played it I immediately preordered this sexy special edition:

Basically the impossible to survive situation you’re in in FC5 is you’re stuck in a small town with a religious cult/ doomsday preppers… if you’ve seen Kevin Smith’s Red State you’k\ll get what I mean (or even the episode of Criminal Minds that has Luke Perry in it). The environments look amazing and the AI seems pretty solid too… but bare in mind it’s 4 months from release so anything I saw might change (the actual release date is 27th February 2018).

Something I saw today made me even more excited which is two player co-op in the campaign! That looks like a blast:

Far Cry 5


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