The Last of Us Playing Infinite Warfare, and Wolfenstone?

So, I have played my last game of Infinite Warfare, and as I have stated before I am glad it’s reign has ended, though I did like the ’free’ copy of Modern Warfare that came with it. Honestly I would have rather a toy like Black Ops’ RC-XD or Ghost’s camera.

Anyway, this is how I ended up and the end of IW’s tenure:

As you can see, my Win/ Loss was tragic, but my K/D ended up in the positives so I’m ok with that. My best K/D was on Ghosts on the Xbox 360 which was up to the 2.0 something, but honestly, I camped the crap out of that one! I know camping is something that is supposed to be frowned on, but if a game offers you a sniper rifle, it’s offering you camping grounds as well.

Anyway, so long, IW, I can’t say I’ll be back.

On another hand, thought I’d share this little tit-bit from Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. On the Nazi submarine that acts as your headquarters in the first act, there is a great section of the ship that is done up like a little night club, which is their rec room. Baring in mind this game takes place in an alternate reality where The Nazi’s won, in the rec room is a familiar game that has been turned on it’s head.

Yes, that’s WOLFSTONE! It’s a clever homage to Wolfenstein’s origins but in this you play as Elite Hans against the terror of the allies and the horrible villain Terror-billy!

As you can see from this pic it is a fairly accurate version of the early FPS but in this case all the swastika have been replaced with emblems of the good guys in the game. On Xbox it’s worth an achievement value of 10, and is titled ‘Retro’.

Anyway, the countdown to World War 2 is well and truly here! Yay!


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