Relaunch: Wolfenstein II The New Colossus

Hello, folks.

Back again and I am terribly sorry about the break but my vocation/ avocation life became unbalanced and more time was spent concentrating on work and less on the joy of gaming. Sometimes running my movie blog takes time away from gaming too, but I’m back, and I’m back due to a few things that are happening in the past/ next week.

Last Friday morning at 0:00 I was at my local EB to pick up this little gem:

I had a great deal of fun with both Wolfenstein: The New Order and the ‘expansion’, though technically a stand alone game, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, but I’m not an old school player of the Wolfenstein series, which according to Volume 11 of the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition is the Longest Running FPS series, with the first game being released in 1981, though that was a ‘maze-adventure… credited as being the first stealth game’. The first proper FPS though was released as Wolfenstein 3D in 1992.

So far this game has been a blast, and I especially enjoyed the version I grabbed which came with an amazing parody of the 1960s G.I. Joe action figures. As the game takes place in an alternate universe where Germany won the Second World War, of course America is a different place, but has a similar pop culture with the toys being a pro-Nazi product know as ‘Elite Hans’, and as a cool product in ‘our’ dimension, we get Elite Hans’ enemy, and our hero, BJ… known by the Nazis as ‘Terror Billy’… as a twelve inch action figure, repleat with a bunch of guns from the games and a cool leather jacket.

Unfortunately for me… well, for Wolfenstein… it’s only going to get my attention for a week because it is the first week of November, which of course means a new Call of Duty! Now I started my Xbox 360 life on Battlefield 3 but once I played Call of Duty Black Ops 2 I was completely won over. 

I am excited to play this new CoD, subtitled World War Two, as it appears, judging by the 3 days of the Beta that I played a month ago, that it is completely boots on ground, and the last three years of jump packs, wall running and bionics has disappeared and we are back to what CoD should be about: shooting!
They are called ‘first person shooters’, not first person wallrunners!

Honestly, whilst I was pretty good and enjoyed Advanved Warfare and Black Ops 3,  I didn’t enjoy Infinite Warfare at all. I didn’t particularly like the design of the assets and wasn’t much of a fan of the gameplay in the slightest. I get they were going for a realistic scifi environment but it just never sat well with me, to the point some of the online environments were just bland. 

I actually stopped playing this for a while and went back to the far superior Black Ops 3!!! I haven’t even Prestige Mastered, which I’ve normally done by now, due to total lack of interest.

It was probably the first Call of Duty that I didn’t even bother to play the campaign for and the only reason I kept playing it was due to the clever retention model of daily rewards and special weekends, which mainly took place whenever there was a big release of another game, for example, this past weekend, which saw the release of not just Wolfenstein, but also Mario Odyssey and the new Assassin’s Creed, CoD IW had a quad feed of double XP points and Keys for players.

I used to take this Call of Duty week off work so I could play for a solid week, but haven’t done so for two years and unfortunately cant this year due to work commitments, but I at least have a three day weekend to punch through a shed load!  Stick around for CoD updates!


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