Destiny 2: Day 1

Destiny 2 poster

Welcome to my new blog about me wasting what’s left of my life playing video games!

Today, I picked up Destiny 2; the one that comes with a little toy figure of ingame character Cayde-6 and a steelbook cover for the game! So far I have not gotten to play it as I have been at work all day, but I did manage to get my daughter to whack it in the Xbox so it’s already loaded and ready to go. I’ll report back on how good or bad it is later. 

I did like the first one though I quickly found it a grind, like everyone did, but I didn’t play with other people. This time I have a crew to play with so maybe I’ll enjoy a different experience.

This morning I played Gears of War 4 online for the first time and quite enjoyed it though I am terribly terrible at it so far. I do enjoy the mechanics of it so far though.


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