… Injustice For All!

Today I decided to plug in Injustice 2 as I had not played it for a while and I knew some new characters had turned up, I was both pleasantly surprised and mystified. First, we have the addition of Black Manta. I love Black Manta and am stoked they included him even though I totally […]

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Finally, Some Battlefront 2

So it’s FiNALLY loaded and I’ve managed to get a go of Battlefront 2, and whilst I think the game play is very much the same, it looks amazing! The environments are all from various Star Wars films and you get to play all sorts of troopers and specialists, and it’s fun, but as much […]

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Rest and Relaxation in CoD: WW2

So I’m waiting for Star Wars Battlefront 2 to load and typically, the update offered a 64 minute timeframe which after 30 minutes of updating has extended out to 98 minutes: not sure if I’m gonna get a game before work, and thought I’d just share a little funny thing I found whilst wandering around […]

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The WW2 Update

So it’s been a day since the BIG update on Call of Duty, and whilst I can see the improvements on the guns, some of the ‘administration’ issues still exist, specifically the HQ still is a solo thing. Lao getting kicked from games for no reason seems to be a thing that didn’t exist previously […]

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So, it’s been a tough day at work today… actually it’s been a pretty tough week…  but that’s the joy of working inretail, and I was excited to come home, and after dinner, play a few rounds of WW2,  it unfortunately there is a decent sized update which is downloading as I type, which contains […]

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Finally Improving My K/D

I FINALLY figured out what I was doing wrong in WW2! I was still treating the game a little like Advanced Warfare or Black Ops 3 or Infinite Warfare and was being a little too gung-ho, so I have recalled how I used to play Ghosts and am playing it a little sneakier and a […]

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